Social Media

Coaches and wellness practitioners are increasingly realizing the incredible power that social media has in connecting people with needed resources. There are people out there trying to find you! The benefits of systematically using these channels are numerous and include the following:

  • Increased exposure to your brand and mission
  • Develop a growing community who can benefit from your knowledge (put more value out into the world)
  • Find potential clients and sustain relationships long-term
  • Establish your professional and online credibility, leading to higher visibility in search engines
  • Grow business connections for collaborative relationships that can benefit larger numbers of people
  • Reduce marketing expenses – social media can be an incredibly cost-effective way of ensuring you make the money you need to continue offering your valuable services
  • Free-up your time so you can spend more of your time honing and practicing your gift

Your social media presence is like a coffee shop in the virtual world— it’s where helpful conversations can take place and trust and friendship can develop, eventually leading more people to your website (your online home) where they can learn more about taking action by using your services.

While beneficial, systematic engagement in social media and keeping up-to-date with the different technologies and changes in the algorithms can sap all your time and energy; especially since return on investment is generally seen after a good chunk of time has passed (~6 months or so). Better engaging your audience online is a learning process and needs a required degree of focus to ensure its efficacy.